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Dissolve cataract



This will reduce your cataract as well as improve your vision also.

Point is for better eye vision.

Explanation from the Mind-Body Mystified II Manual

POINT: Good eye vision; visible; Time; option; chance; choice occasion; opportunity; call.

CLEAR: Dispel anger / resentment; dissolve; eliminate, draws out

CHANGE: Get something out of the eye

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Get work done at government office


I need some remedy to get my birth documents corrected from the Municipal Office which I have been visiting for several months.

The birth certificate given does not have any name stated and I need my full name mentioned on it.

I also need my father and mother’s full name to be written on the certificate.



Write this in a paper and go to the office.


Have to put up with the delay: CENTAURY (can’t protest as you are in a weak position)

And so you feel resentment: WILLOW

Basic remedy combination to get any work done at Govt. office: ROCK WATER, WATER VIOLET

To do it immediately: NOW DONE

From the Bach Flower Remedy Workshop Manual

Pray that the flowers ROCK WATER and WATER VIOLET be active in the person’s energy field for next 6 hours or 8 hours.

Work will get done.

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Doesn’t love me right from marriage


My husband does not love me from my marriage. I don’t know what his problem is. He didn’t talk to me. Behaving like a neighbor. I talked to him many times regarding this. Yet, no proper response from him. Plz save my life!!!


Take the flower remedies WILLOW, CHICORY, WALNUT, BEECH and AGRIMONY – one of the Harmony Packs available in the centre as a combination. Buy these remedies in any homeopathy shop. Mix 5 pills of each in water. Sip the water 6 to 7 times in a day.

Chant the mantras “OM HUM NAMAHA, OM YUM NAMAHA, OM RUM NAMAHA, OM VUM NAMAHA, OM LUM NAMAHA” for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening.

Keep CHIMPANZEE picture with you.

Notes from Animal Spirit Guide Manual


You want to resolve a conflict; you want peace and harmony to prevail, but don’t have it. Whenever we want something then it means we lack that in our lives.

To make amends with someone, call upon CHIMPANZEE. Ask Chimpanzee, “Please solve this misunderstanding for me”. It will heal the situation for you.

We always have problems and quarrels – either with somebody in the family or on the road. To have no problems inside your family call upon BLUE WHALE and CHIMPANZEE.

BLUE WHALE, JELLY FISH, PIGEON and CHIMPANZEE combination is the best combination for harmony.

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Will cherish this magical experience forever



I got the Power Life Symbols manual, along with workshop CD. There was a meditation on Lord Krishna.  As Lord Krishna is my favorite God, I was very happy to perform the meditation with great joy. 

Meditated it on Friday, and on Sunday, the day of Amavasai (new-moon day), when I planned to visit the Durga temple.  I was driving myself near Mogappair West, where I had never been before.

Somehow, I landed near Devi Karumariamman Temple. I am entering this temple for the first time. After visiting all the gods like Ganesh, Saibaba and Sri Raghavendra, I got the dharshan of the Amman.

There was another temple at the end, where I moved. Here, the surprise starts. The two forms of god (Male and Female) statues were there. I could make out that it’s a Vishnu temple.

As I neared, I could see the God’s eye was painted as though they are really seeing us.  The priest told me that they are Lord Panduranga (Krishna) and Rukmani. And all these statues were specially got from Pandurangapuram.  I was taken by surprise!!! 

Then the priest took me to the back of the temple, showing the Lord Krishna’s foot. The priest continued that Krishna foot is also from Pandurangapuram and so asked me to touch and get the blessings. 

This is also happening as per the meditation CD. As I was recollecting the meditation, Naran’s voice “Prostrate” was reverberating in my ears and even more surprised!!!!

 I was thinking like, I meditated on Lord Krishna & Rukmani and now I am experiencing them in a much unexpected way.

The Highlight is, there were a few Tulasi leaves on Rukmani statue, and priest took those Tulasi leaves and offered it to me, I was even more surprised!!!!!  

The mediation was exactly manifesting in the reality. Also, it gave me lesson that whatever we create in our mind also gets created in the physical world. 

Thanks a lot Naran for giving us the Wonderful Meditation on Lord Krishna and Rukmani, which gave me the Divine experience, bringing me back my Lord Krishna the magical God, which has helped me to release the fear and have the confidence that Divine Power is always there to take care of us.

I will cherish this Magical experience forever!!!!!!!

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Profit after Loss



One of my clients lost 10 sovereigns of gold. I asked them to chant “LALITHAM SRIDHARAM LALITHAM BASKARAM LALITHAM BALACHANDRAM”.

This set of three mantras is given for clearing the debts. 

He was given flower remedies also.

Whenever we lose something, we will start cursing several people including the cops, saying they are crooks. For resentment and anger I asked him to chant the ‘I am sorry mantra’ too.

I also gave him the Power Life symbol ‘Profit after Loss’ given in the manual. This symbol is for anything that is lost. The symbols given in the Abundance Manual are new and they are not part of the original set of Power Life Symbols.

Soon after, he got back the 10 sovereigns from the cops.

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Benefits of Using Power Life Symbols

Heal Your Life Situations

Manual and Colour Symbol Pack of 114 cards, help us to handle various life situations

  • To turn children/ spouse on the right path
  • Prosperity – to attract clients, To make profit, To get money, To repay all the debts, Luck, prosperity happiness longevity
  • Harmony in family
  • Career success
  • To drive out evil black magic
  • For court cases
  • To heal addiction
  • To get married
  • Solve the property disputes
  • To regain the lost love
  • To unite broken relationship
  • Job stability
  • Examination :  to do your best, and find success in examination
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