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Dissolve cataract



This will reduce your cataract as well as improve your vision also.

Point is for better eye vision.

Explanation from the Mind-Body Mystified II Manual

POINT: Good eye vision; visible; Time; option; chance; choice occasion; opportunity; call.

CLEAR: Dispel anger / resentment; dissolve; eliminate, draws out

CHANGE: Get something out of the eye

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Keep Your Wishes Written On Stone

Case History

He is a film producer from Bangalore. He bought the Black Tourmaline gem stone from Naran.

One day, he needed money to the tune of 10 lakh rupees by end of that day. He just wrote that information in a piece of paper as sort of a reminder to himself to organize the money required.

As a paper weight, he kept the Black Tourmaline stoneover the paper. Within next 24 hours, he got 15 lakhs rupees.He was amazed at the result.

Next week, when he wanted money once he again, he tried the same technique. Somehow, he found money the again, without knowing the source of funds in advance.

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A lifetime of seeking is over


Feedback on workshop held at Mumbai:


“When the student is ready the teacher comes”

Dear Naran,

This saying has been resonating in my mind since day one, when I wrote you the first mail seeking healing and you replied. Seeing you in person has just made it a happier occasion – TY TY TY.

If I had the time and opportunity to say it in person, I would tell you how I am feeling today – “Enveloped in a ball of bliss”.

I am so delighted that my smile is just refusing to go away. Though, all the participants have got your equal grace, I feel you have come to Mumbai only for me. Today, it felt all so easy. Finally, I got confidence that I can learn any healing modalities/techniques – so, multiple bonanzas for me.

The joy of meeting you in person, doing the workshop – it is ALL PERFECT.

Your presence is such that at end of day, the hotel waiter was asking me about you. Really, he is blessed for wanting to know.

 A lifetime of seeking is over! Deepest love!! Thanks Love Divine!!!

Varsha Patil 

A big thank to YOU Naran! And welcome back to Mumbai in this year-end. That was the most amazing and wonderful time. Really felt so blessed in your divine presence. A big thanks to Shobanaji, Haripriya, and all other participants who made this workshop happen.

Dear Participants, am opening a Facebook group for Mumbai Participants, as per request by many. As many of them wanted to be in touch with each other, for Success stories, and more future events in Mumbai. Will post here.

Kalpana Vasudevan Iyer

An unforgettable and much awaited day for me! Thank you Naran!! Thank you Varsha, Nagalakshmi and others for organizing this meet. It was so long on my wish list. Please organize another one soon!! Blessed to listen to NARAN and his simple explanations and suggestions!!!

Barathi Raghav

Yesterday workshop was excellent – Purnima

Usha Raghunathan

Well organized. Thanks to all. Did a good job. Workshop was excellent.

Dr. Rashmi Menon

I was fortunate to attend the first one. It was a lovely experience. Thank you! Thank you organizers!! May the love and light spread through you all over the Universe!!! And so it is!!!!


We were truly blessed! Love and Light always!!

Vrushali Vilas

We love you Naran…great to meet you and well organized beautiful experience.

Shilpa Deshmukh

Excellent is the word!!

Sumegha Shanbhag

Love you Naran and waiting for next workshop to happen soon…. love to meet all you friends!

Lupe Soto

Hi Naran, please remember your foreign students. Many of us would benefit from Skype or your wonderful audio recordings. Please let us know. This class would mean a lot to me. Thank you Naranji!

Irene D’Souza

Thank you Guruji for visiting Mumbai! It was wonderful sessions.

Deepa Prabhu

There was so much love in the room. By end of day two, people who were strangers and tense on day one morning were by end of day two relaxed smiling and sharing hugs!


Yes people were tensed on the first day. They expected a buttoned-up, taciturn Naran!!!

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