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Make your job permanent


My job is on contractual basis in a central government institute. No permanent position they are offering. I want my job to become permanent in this institute.

How should I get help of universe?


Daily in the morning say three times, “I thank the DIVINE for making my job permanent.”

Then forget about trusting that the universe will take care of that.

Thank all the colleagues management staff, your work, your salary, and your office daily, while going to the office.

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Help is Permanent

R Mohan

When I phoned up Naran, he asked me to chant the mantra “NITHYA SANAADHANA”.

After chanting this continuously, I found I am becoming less and less anxious.

Every time I fall sick, I used to feel afraid on how will I manage similar situations after I get older, when Naran mayn’t be around to give me remedies?

When I told Naran about this, he said the mantra will restore and reinforce our innate trust in the Divine and went on further to explain about The Bhagavad Gita Sloka 24 of Chapter 2, from which the above Switch Words are taken.


Ten years, before when you met me were you aware that you will need my help to solve your health issues today?

However, god knew that. That’s why he arranged a meeting with me in 2003.

I am only a tool of god. Tomorrow, if you need help again, in my absence, you will find somebody to help you – who again is a tool of god.

Here, the only thing that matters – which is important and permanent, is GOD. He is the NITHYA SANADHANA – he exists permanently.

Lord Krishna uttered these words in the battle field, explaining to Arjuna that our souls are permanent while our lives and the bodies we take are temporary.

So why fear and worry?

Let us say, you are planning to go to Hyderabad next month, and book a flight today. This indicates that you firmly believe and trust – that you will be alive next month. Isn’t it?

Thus, the fear is in one part of us, while trust is in another part. That inborn trust you will get by chanting this mantra.

This mantra heals the fear of flying and fear of closed places.

Read the story about a person who couldn’t move after falling down, to understand the hand of divine in our lives, who comes to us in many forms – especially flowers and animal spirit guides

“Don’t worry if there is no help”:

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Clear Medical Exam for Permanent Residency


One of my parents has to clear the medical exam to get permanent residence (PR) in Canada.


Write “WATER VIOLET, LARCH, GENTIAN, WILD ROSE, MIMULUS” in a paper and ask them to keep it.

You can chant for them too.


The standard Bach Flower combination for any type of interview is WATER VIOLET, LARCH, GENTIAN and WILD ROSE, to face the interview members and reply confidently.

The remedy MIMULUS is included to handle the fear associated with getting the permanent residency.

Applying for Permanent Residency


As I stay abroad I want to get PR. In May, I will apply for permanent residency as nowadays it is very difficult.

Please tell me some switch word or other remedy for me to be successful in getting it.




Gorse and Larch are Bach Flower Remedies, while Find and Divine are switch words

Situation is hopeless: Gorse

To have trust in the self that it will happen: Larch

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Pink is for getting a job, not losing one

Definition of Pink Slip: A notice of dismissal from employment.

Mrs. AR, March 5

I am in a great problem. From 1999 my husband’s job is not permanent, one way or the other he has to quit his job.

Now my financial position is very tight since there was no salary for the past four months and he is searching for the job.

Kindly suggest me a remedy to get a job and for my financial position.


Chant “ELM, MUSTARD, PINK TOURMALINE, COUNT NOW” as many times as possible, and whenever you can.

Mrs. AR, March 20

Namaste! My husband got a good job according to your guidance.


The gem remedy Pink tourmaline is definitely for abundance. Pink Tourmaline stabilizes the Mooladhara Chakra – the Chakra that gives us stability in our life

Elm and Mustard are Bach Flower Remedies, used as switch words here.

To handle the overwhelming situation: Elm

Finding to solution to the money problems (they are in the dark): Mustard

To find money now: Count, Now

Permanent Job


How to get permanent in my present job?



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Addiction to drink


Treatment through Bach Flower remedies

No will power to discontinue drinking: ROCK WATER

Gives the reason for drinking by blaming his parents/ spouse: WILLOW

Says to get release from business worries, and other such problems:      AGRIMONY

Drinks if somebody offers a drink: CHICORY

Morning he promises he will give up drinking, evening he takes it: SCLERANTHUS

Can’t refuse to drink if somebody offers it: Centaury, WALNUT

To break from drinking habit – base remedy: WALNUT

Feels ashamed next day morning to face his people: ROCK WATER

Steals money to fund his drinking habit: CHESTNUT BUD

Feels guilty after he drinks: PINE

Abusive – physical and shouts at others after drinking: VINE, CHERRY PLUM

Note: One or more remedies have to be given based on the reasons cited above.

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The permanent change factor



Life is nothing but adjustment and comprise. The Bach Flower Remedy Walnut – the 21st Century Magic Pill helps you to achieve that effortlessly.

In addition, WALNUT completes any type of healing. It has a place of its own in healing arena.

In this Age of Change, it’s the Elixir of Life.

Keywords: to Change, to Move, Adjust, Circulate

Age of Change

With the key word Change, how many life situations can be addressed? Change means to become a different person based on the hour of need and to Move from one phase to another phase (Transition)

  • I am not able to change my residence. I wanted to Move closer to my office.
  • Change Into means to become.

For example, I want my son to become studious says a mother of a child. Both mother and son should take WALNUT. When we expect the change in some other person, then we are in Walnut state.

  • To change a person thoroughly, for example to come out of addiction, WALNUT is the base remedy.
  • When one is forced to frequently change jobs: WALNUT
  • When you want some diversion, when you feel bored, you need a change: WALNUT
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