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Winning Switch Words Part II


Switch Word(s) Description
Find Find a solution, to gain or regain something
Find Count Divine Generate business, Find money
Find Count……. Divine (fill up the rupees you want) To find the required amount of money, for example, “FIND COUNT 10 Lakh Rupees DIVINE”
Find Divine Love Now On To find your life partner immediately
Find Divine Order Count Now Done Get a job/ business opportunities
Find Divine On To get on with your life, when you are stuck up in an unwanted situation
Find Divine Order To find normalcy in a conflict situation
Give Sell your property
Guard Get divine protection, achieve personal safety
Halfway Do things quicker, Achieve your goal in lesser time than usual
Halfway Divine Manage traffic, Reach your destination faster
Halfway Divine On Catch trains/bus on time
Help To get the required help
Ho To be happy and joyful
Love Thanks Divine Energise a situation/ relationship/ event/ person
Move Move from current situation to new situation
Move On Moving forward in life
Next To know what to do next
Now Do or get something immediately

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Your Agenda Vs Divine Agenda


Suri walked into my office with a dejected face. He was worried that he is in trouble, for he hasn’t achieved last month’s sales target due to his own personal commitments.

He is worried that his manager will blast him during their next monthly meeting.

I said his worry is based on his own agenda, while the divine’s agenda might be different, He thinks his manager would question about the dip in sales, while divine mayn’t make the manger raise the topic at all.

Instead of expecting to have problem and keeps on worrying about it, he is overriding the divine agenda and mentally forcing the manager to bring the subject.

So, I asked him to stop thinking about the subject, and prepare his usual monthly report that he normally prepares for the monthly meeting.

I also suggested him to chant the names of the Bach Flower remedies, “ELM, OAK, CHESTNUT BUD”.

I gave Elm and Oak to be ready for any unexpected questions and Chestnut Bud not to repeat the mistake once again.

The monthly meeting happened. His boss never even mentioned about the sale’s target and moved onto other issues.

Let us be silent and allow divine to work its agenda.

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A balanced life!!!



Your wants have to be in balance

Wherever you need harmony you can use the word TOGETHER. It is a very special switch word. It goes deep into the life of person. It stimulates the values in us.

However, most of us do not know what we want. He will be working as a temporary worker but he may want freedom. Employment and freedom cannot go together. If you want freedom and independence then you should have your own business.

However, for doing business, he needs security and so he cannot invest in business. Like this, we are always in conflict in our lives.

Some people want to earn more money, but he cannot because if earns more money, his family life may be affected and so on.

Different parts of life

For all of us a balanced life is needed. What is that?

One is personal; one unknown person is there inside all of us. I can only know myself. That is the personal life in which physical life will be there too. You cannot be healing others continuously unless you are healthy. So, physical health is one part of life.

 The second part of life is our social life and relationships. That is, relationship with others – either relationship with the family or society.

The third part is professional. 

Thus, the first part of life is physical or personal, the second part is relationships, the third part is professional and the fourth part is spiritual.

Our conflicts of interest

All these four are not balanced in any of us because our interests are in conflict with each other.

Our physical health will be good but relationships will not be good. If relationship is good, his professional life will not be good as he may not go to the office.

When you take a decision for one part of life, it may imbalance the other part of life. When you decide to go to a foreign country, you will lose your family life.

For that reason, you cannot sit at home saying that for you, your family is important and therefore you will skip work.

In the same way, when you think money is important then you have to forego your family life.

Ultimately, you are working for your health, which is lost by working hard, going at 6 am and coming back at 12 midnight.

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Cleanse your mind Cleanse your house



Over time I have realized that I have not made peace with my past and still holding grudges against a lot of people. I understand it is affecting me psychologically, emotionally, mentally and interfering with my daily life, personally and well as professionally.

Sometimes, I feel calm and other times very vengeful. There seems to be no stability in my thoughts and I often hold others responsible for any untoward incident happening to me.

Moreover, the vibrations in my house do not feel good. Specially so when certain people enter the house, stay in the house or leave the house. Nobody at my place seems to be at peace. Even a very patient person seems to lose his cool here.

In fact, there have been 3 to 4 couples who have stayed in the house before us and left, nobody could live in the house with stability and peace.


Take the flower remedies HOLLY, WILLOW, CHERRY PLUM and MIMULUS regularly for a few months.

Keep salt (Rock Salt) water in the night, in your bed room. The next day, throw the water in the sink. Do it daily for some days.

Spray the water remedied with WHITE CHESTNUT, WALNUT and CRAB APPLE (3 pills of each in a tumbler of water) on all the walls of the house.

Do this also daily for one month. This wipes out all the unwanted accumulation of our own emotions like anger sadness etc. in the space of the house.



To clean the mind and body of unwanted stuff, salt water is used. Rock salt that is manufactured out of sea water has the capacity to absorb negative stuff.

Cleanse the vibrations of the house: WHITE CHESTNUT, WALNUT and CRAB APPLE. You can do this before and after a function.

Vengeful: HOLLY

Holding grudges: WILLOW

No control over thoughts: CHERRY PLUM

Worried those vibrations of the house will affect: MIMULUS

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Remove the darkness of your life



I read the story of Karna. He was born to Kunti Devi with divine rays of sun-god.

Also, seeing that sun is sending solar rays, we are enjoying it in the day time and because of it all work is done correctly.

I also studied your blog under solar rays and its amazing benefits.

Please suggest remedies/mantras to get the blessings of sun-god to solve many of my personal problems.



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