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Water, trees and bird droppings

Mr. R

I need some mantra or remedy to cut a tree which is causing a lot of nuisance. Our neighbors are not allowing us to cut it. It is on the road somewhere in between our gate and neighbor’s gate.

The problem is that the dried leaves, branches and many bird droppings fall in our compound. First of all no water in our area and it becomes a problem to clean all these things.


Chant “SWEET CHESTNUT, ROCK ROSE, WILD ROSE” for getting water.

By all means, clean your house of the birds’ excreta, by chanting “WILLOW, CHANGE DIVINE ORDER”.

Don’t fell the tree.

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White Hibiscus


Spirit is always free and in search of truth. When there is confusion, think about WHITE HIBISCUS, become that flower affirming, “LET ME ALIGN WITH THE DIVINE WILL”.

Then take any course of action. After taking the action, do not doubt that.

Doubt and Confusion happen when we deviate from surrender.

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Cannot escape cleaning


My house owner is having rooster, hen as pet birds. The problem I am facing is it is doing dirty works in my portion. I am from an orthodox Brahmin family. For some particular reasons I am staying there.

Hearing rooster, hen’s voice is not problem for me because I am a devotee of lord Muruga. But I am getting irritated for the dirty works done by it in my portion.


Pray to Rooster itself.

Don’t think it is dirty.

You are given the work of cleaning the toilet of Rooster by Lord Muruga. Cleaning the dirtiness of the rooster is the service to Lord Muruga. Think like this and do it daily.

When you clean the dirtiness of Rooster, you are cleaned within and you are purified mentally and spiritually. This opportunity is not given to all.

Do it with devotion.

When inner cleaning is over, rooster will stop its SHIT.

While doing the cleaning of shit, chant “CRAB APPLE”.

You can chant “CRAB APPLE, CHANGE DIVINE ORDER” also regularly when you find time. But, you cannot escape cleaning.


The Bach Flower Remedy Crab Apple is a cleanser – both physical and mental cleanser.

Change and Divine Order are switch words. This combination is good for changing our environment.

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Postponing to clean


I have a problem. I wanted to clean my house but do not know what stops me. What stops me so that I postpone every time and there is no regular routine?




Delaying/postponing: SCLERANTHUS

Keep things/atmosphere clear: CHANGE DIVINE ORDER

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Confused about going back


After six years of divorce, he suddenly contacted me, and said sorry for his behaviour, and asking me to come back.

Four to five days back his mother got heart attack. She is in hospital now. She is recovering (I too prayed for her recovery).

Now I’m very much confused. I am feared to go back to him.

Please suggest solution – a remedy for me, to take a firm decision, which will be good for both of us and our families.


Take the flower remedies SCLERANTHUS, SWEETCHESTNUT and WALNUT each 3 pills, one after the other for three times a day.



To know what the divine wills: SWEET CHESTNUT

To break the old pattern: WALNUT

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Office Remedies Part I



Convincing about a useless product

I am asked to market a useless product. I don’t know how to convince the customers:

GENTIAN (for being discouraged) and WILLOW (for resentment)

Add LARCH to develop confidence in you to sell

To convince others – especially in selling, VERVAIN

Implement a process change

WALNUT, OAK (he goes in the same path, and so doesn’t look for alternatives) and HORNBEAM

Asking for leave

Asking for leave at the last moment, keep postponing it – because initially “my Boss will say no”

MIMULUS to face the boss

WALNUT for rapport with the boss

CENTAURY to speak your cause assertively

WILLOW: To avoid blaming the boss

No empowerment

My boss will put me in a critical situation giving an impression that why not I do the job myself.

If I do it independently though, she would get upset because I have done the job without consulting her.

WILLOW (blaming) and SCLERANTHUS (for fear of getting confusing instructions)

Getting shouted at

In front of everybody my boss shouts – “I didn’t make any mistake why should I be blamed.”

WILLOW (resentment) and add PINE (for being blamed) and LARCH (losing confidence) CRAB APPLE (what others will think about me)

Not satisfied with her own performance

Even though she has got a very good rating, she is not happy about the job she has done.

Pine for being not satisfied with one’s own work

Develop Creativity

Multimedia: ELM, CLEMATIS

Public Meeting

ELM, GORSE and HEATHER is for public presentation

Managing an incompetent person

I have to manage somebody who is not good. He is related to one of the directors.

WILLOW for resentment

BEECH for criticising

CENTAURY: because of inability to voice one’s opinion

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Children to be OFF-TV

Not knowing the importance of studies, postponing it for the sake of TV/Computer games – SCLERANTHUS

Hooked on to TV, not bothered about anything else; not taking food at the right time, does not talk with others; lethargy; not interested in taking bath – WILD ROSE

They get over interested in TV/games, staying awake for a longer time; does not have “time” for studies; wrapped up out of over enthusiasm – VERVAIN

TV and Mobile games become a habit – WALNUT

The mind gets imprisoned with only one thought “TV/Games” – (gem remedy) CAT’S EYE

Unable to control the temptation – CHERRY PLUM

The above remedies suggested are Bach Flower Remedies. They are available both in Homeopathy shops and at the centre.

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