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Healing your womb state


On the date of (our) conception, we don’t know the state of our parents.

Let us see how to make them (at that time) into light and love. Then we will also become light and love – I mean we will become good.

We don’t know when we got conceived. So we will take one year before our date of birth and put our parents into light and love.

Healing steps

Form a silver triangle in front of you

All the unaligned non-divine memory frequencies of my past-life, my conception, and my parents that were carried in my womb state are released and kept in the silver triangle.

Other general steps…

Reiki open the green triangles, open my womb state, fill it up with light and love, align and resonate it with grace and rays of wealth and prosperity.

My womb state is open, aligning, and resonating with grace of joy and happiness.

My womb state is open, aligning, and resonating with grace of purity and peace.

My womb state is open, aligning and resonating with the grace of detachment and righteousness

My womb state is open, aligning and resonating with the grace of divine love, gratitude and forgiveness.

My womb state is open, aligning and resonating with the grace of intelligence and creativity, removing the ignorance.

My womb state is open, integrated with physical, mental and spiritual energies of light and love.

My womb state is filled up the grace of purity, peace, divine love, gratitude and forgiveness.

Divine light and love fills up the whole my womb state making it whole and complete.

My womb state is whole and complete with the help of Reiki light and love.


You are re-born. Very good!!

Womb changes into child. Did you feel your own womb state?

Mother is the first person to recognize us.

Mother is the first person to give us love, the taste of first love.

Mother is the first person to approve us and we want approval only. The moment we are born mother approves us.

Sometimes the mother may have different thoughts – for example they would have preferred a boy but a girl was born. Such thoughts were made complete by the meditation we had done now.

How can we complete this further? (Additional steps)

From the state of birth, to the current age divided by three, whatever we had experienced put it in the triangle. Let us say you are 45, do the healing from your date of birth till 15 years.

Healing using Violet Flame

The above techniques can be applied using Violet Flame and you don’t need to know Reiki to do the same. To know how to use Violet Flame healing for our past, please attend workshop on Violet Flame Past-Life Healing.

Doing Well in Business


A textile shop owner was getting only one or two customers a day. This is not good enough to run the business.

I instructed him to do the following:

  1. When you make a sale, how do you handover the clothes to the customer? He will be using his right hand isn’t it?
  2. So, visualize giving sari from your right hand to customer’s right hand without worrying about visualizing their faces. Don’t think about the money you will be receiving.
  3. Visualizing doing it for 9 more people like that.

After a month of doing this exercise, he reported to getting 7-8 customers a day, which helps his business to run smoothly.

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Gain Happiness and Prosperity


Use the Power Life Symbol 84-Happiness-Forever for to gain Happiness and Prosperity.

While looking at the symbol, chant the switch words, “TOGETHER COUNT DIVINE ELATE NOW”

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Earn Without Employment


After attending Naran Abundance workshop I did the “40-day ABUNDANCE PROGRAMME”.  I started it almost after 15- 20 days attending the workshop. 

Here I am listing all things regarding money or somehow related to it.

In the past I was penniless

Before that I like to tell you few words about my situation.

Right now I am not working. I left my job after marriage, due to some family issues. It was almost 3 years back. And that was hard time for me. Even though we have enough money in house, I couldn’t spend.

Even for small amount of money or small expenses too, I felt like beggar, jilted and distress as Hubby not used to give me money in hand due to our loans and not even for day-to-day expenses.

Today my situation has changed

In all these days, there was not any single moment of denial or refuse from husband, while giving me money. And that was the biggest surprising part for me.

In this period I paid all my debts. (It was not very heavy, every time when my husband denied giving me money).

It was with my sister and friend. Now only remaining part is my mother – who helped me in form of money, when we bought a house.

She didn’t ask me to return anything. But still I feel I should give all her money back and other is workshop fees that I attended in Mumbai.

4th day – I got a call from old colleague. He is going to start his own company and he wants me to join there, but this is after few months in this year.

6th day – I wanted to return some money to my friend, which he gave me in my need,(3 months back)  when I was afraid to ask/ demand money from my hubby.

Somehow, I wanted to return it at earliest. But, there was no money source for me. And after writing 5th statement I was crying. Hubby asked me the reason.

And for the first time I had the courage to tell truth to him that I borrowed money from someone and that I was feeling guilty on how I will repay to them.

The person who used to get so furious on such things was completely calm and gave me money to return, without saying a word.

10th day – without applying anywhere, got a call from some job site, that too on my 3-year-old resume.

11th day – surprise shopping for me from hubby.

13th day – been to interview. Same day got another job call.

15th day – 2nd interview.

16th day – got selected in 1st interview, but I was not keen to join. Again hubby gave me some money, without asking.

17th day – got a credit note of almost 25,000 Rupees from Mobile Company.

5 months back my hubby gifted me a smart phone, which suddenly stopped working. Service center people said that it got damaged and un-repairable.

And that same service center gave us a credit note same as the original purchase amount of phone. It will get cleared within a month. Nobody could believe that I am getting money instead of replacement!

27th day – Hubby gave me some money for doctor visit, which was 3 times extra of normal fees. He didn’t even ask me about remaining money, or bills, which he used to ask after every visit.

29th day – 2nd interview, cleared 2nd round. Got selection call in evening.

Again I couldn’t join here, because of family issues. Was little upset, but knew something good might come in future. 30th day- again some surprise money from hubby.

Will keep updating more!!

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Moving into the Prosperity Zone



“SURYA NARAYANAM LAKSHMI NARAYANAM” is the mantra for memory, and property.

Mantra for handling financial property

Anything regarding land, selling etc. for example, one person wants to sell the land. It is his own land got it in the right manner and he has not cheated anyone. It is a 40 year old property. When he wanted to sell the same, he observed that his initial is not proper in the document.

That is, his name is R. Rajagopal but in the document it was mentioned as S. Rajagopal. He chanted the mantra.

In the Registrar Office, they did not bother. The registrar office people verified the relevant old documents and gave a letter stating that it is a typographical error.

For buying the property also you can chant this mantra so that you will buy the right property.

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Profit after Loss



One of my clients lost 10 sovereigns of gold. I asked them to chant “LALITHAM SRIDHARAM LALITHAM BASKARAM LALITHAM BALACHANDRAM”.

This set of three mantras is given for clearing the debts. 

He was given flower remedies also.

Whenever we lose something, we will start cursing several people including the cops, saying they are crooks. For resentment and anger I asked him to chant the ‘I am sorry mantra’ too.

I also gave him the Power Life symbol ‘Profit after Loss’ given in the manual. This symbol is for anything that is lost. The symbols given in the Abundance Manual are new and they are not part of the original set of Power Life Symbols.

Soon after, he got back the 10 sovereigns from the cops.

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Instructions to 40-Day Prosperity Consciousness Program


Compiled from the Abundance Workshops, Chennai, Jan and Feb 2014

Refer the blog on “40-Day Program to Develop Prosperity Consciousness”:


There are 10 statements.

Take a notebook.

Do the programme daily by writing one statement per day.  You may want to write all the 10 statements every day, but write all of them for 40 days. Have the discipline to write all of them every single day without fail.

Only once you should write a statement. You can write 2 or more times also. It doesn’t matter as long as you write the statements same no of times throughout the programme.

Reflect about the meaning of the statement. Think how much it can change your life.

Write it in the sequence mentioned. Then only you will get the money.

Say on the 7th day, you may forget to write. Then start from 1st statement once again. No forgetting business.

After 10 days, start once again from statement one.

After 10 statements are written, one cycle is completed. Do three more cycles like that and thus in total four cycles.

You may think only a particular statement applies. However, all statements will apply to us. So don’t be focused on one statement only.

40-Day Program to Develop Prosperity Consciousness


Re-produced from the Abundance Manual

The instructions to do the program can be found here:


Mother’s message on prosperity

Prosperity remains only with him who offers it to the Divine. Unselfish Prosperity: He who receives it abundantly gives all that he has as he receives it.

Switch words to develop prosperity consciousness


40-day Programme to Develop ‘Prosperity Consciousness’ New Beliefs

  1. Money is abundant, universal, ever flowing from the infinite divine source.
  2. TOGETHER, I understand that Divine is the only provider of money and BE OPEN.
  3. TOGETHER, all my parts change OPEN to ALIGN with this universal Divine flow of abundance.
  4. Awakened to this Divine Truth, I BOW and RELEASE all my desires to possess money and CLIMB to be OPEN.
  5. Since the Divine within me is the source of money flow, my income is unlimited… infinite.
  6. My inner source adjusts the flow of money as per my needs and wishes and all my needs are fulfilled with this constant instant flow of the Divine order.
  7. My needs are the responsibility of my inner Divine source and I FORGIVE and let go all parts of my mind which resist understanding the abundant flow.
  8. All my worries are over; I ELATE to find the Divine taking on the high ways of abundant prosperity. END – a new life has begun.
  9. It is CRYSTAL CLEAR and I am aware of the radiation of inner being. The rays of prosperity are continuously pouring in.
  10. I HELP all the expenses with the OPEN HEART, relaxing in the belief that I channel the receiving and giving of the Divine flow of prosperity.

Benefits of Using Power Life Symbols

Heal Your Life Situations

Manual and Colour Symbol Pack of 114 cards, help us to handle various life situations

  • To turn children/ spouse on the right path
  • Prosperity – to attract clients, To make profit, To get money, To repay all the debts, Luck, prosperity happiness longevity
  • Harmony in family
  • Career success
  • To drive out evil black magic
  • For court cases
  • To heal addiction
  • To get married
  • Solve the property disputes
  • To regain the lost love
  • To unite broken relationship
  • Job stability
  • Examination :  to do your best, and find success in examination
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