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Easy Way to Reach Divine


During last week, I had been diagnosed with ectopic/tubal pregnancy.

Foetus was healthy and well growing, but growing at wrong place. So, as per doctor’s advice, I had to terminate that pregnancy.

I remained sad for one two days and not only me but whole family was sad.

I know everything is happening for the best and according to all merciful supreme lords’ will. I myself have seen so many worst looking events turning into beneficial ones afterwards.

But, during the moments of emotional trauma all this theoretical and practical knowledge disappears from mind.

Is there any method or technique other than meditation to train our minds to happily and calmly accept all such events, which are beyond our control and purely according to divine will?

And how should we perceive such incidents to feel less or no grief?


Feeling less grief is not to be imposed.

Go through the emotions, which naturally surface and bow to them and come out.

When there is great distress over grief or when there is reason for grieving, weep, weep.

Weeping is easy way of reaching the divine.

Let us not feel shy for weeping. Yes, there was expectation in vain. Feel sad and weep to get over that. Weeping intensely will ultimately relieve you from the burden.

A solace is given by weeping. When you think that you can no more weep, just say, “I bow to this weeping and go beyond this state.”

Repeat within after the weeping episode, the Radha’s prayer:

“Krishna, my lord, whether thou chooses for me life or death, happiness or sorrow , pleasure or suffering, all that comes to me from thee, is always welcome”.

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Ocean of Peace


Big thanks for all your replies to my so many questions.

Today, I want to share my experience with two mantras which immediately bestow peace and calmness when chanted with concentration.


I have tried “TOGETHER DIVINE” three or four times and it never disappointed me.

Today I was feeling sad and I started chanting Lalitham Lambodaram Mantra. Within a few minutes, I found myself in the ocean of peace. It’s amazing!


Best of divine grace!!

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Heal Your Heart Chakra


Our life is ruled by three chakras – Basic, Hara and Solar Plexus Chakras.

Yet, beyond them, we manage to express our love. We get close to people. We offer our thanks to all. All that because of one chakra and that is the Heart Chakra.

Heart Chakra is the fourth in line. It’s closer to Solar Plexus Chakra. On the chest, from breast draw a line. That’s the point where Heart Chakra is situated.

It is responsible for creation of heart and blood circulation.

It’s the reservoir of love. This chakra is reflected when we experience joy and enthusiasm with our friends and relatives.

If love is there, hate will be there too. If hate is filled in a place, then it’s a hell. Love is heaven and it increases our prana.

Heart chakra is mentally connected with love.

When you desire to make profits out of relationships (or anything for that matter with selfish intentions), we lose energy in this chakra.

If there is a relationship without a love, then it’s of no use, says the Heart Chakra.

We love our children and parents. We love somebody and hate somebody.

Hatred and sadness decreases energy and then we feel we can’t love anybody. We fight at office. When we come home, we should show love. Instead we fight.

If there is less energy in heart, we feel there is no love in life. We feel sad and think that nobody is there for us. With Heart Chakra, we need to love. Otherwise, we will deplete it!

Even if nobody loves you, love god, yourself, others and the world is the message from Reiki. If we GO for love, then the energy level of Heart Chakra expands and balances it.

When we get imbalanced due to Basic, Hara and Solar Plexus Chakras, then the energy level in those chakras shrink. But in the case of Heart Chakra, it’s never gets overfull. It can expand to any level.

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Eye floaters


I have amazing eyes: healthy and nice by god’s grace.

Just last year, I had developed eye floaters in the eyes, caused by protecting a psychiatric patient attacking people.

I have let go of the sad feelings from the patient violence and the eye floater problem is very less now. I want to avoid those little specks also all together.


Don’t bother about eye floaters.

Do the Eye exercises.

Take the EYE TONE remedy available in the centre

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How to become happy?



Lakshmi is ‘Supreme Delight and Love’.

How to bring that in our lives?

There is a technique for that.

Whenever you feel sad, worried and fearful about money then do the following exercise.

There must be some period in your life where you would have been joyful and happier, and happiness born out of innocence. You would have enjoyed a joy of innocence.

Take that period as well as the current worrying period. Worry can be about anything.

We need to interchange them.

There is a technique in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), by which you can immediately shift your emotions.

Visualize a white screen in front of you.

That white screen is your brain.

Normally, how brain stores the images?

All the worries in life will be in one compartment.

Similarly, all the joys will be in another compartment.

Likewise, all your anger will be in some other compartment.

Similarly, all persons you like will be in another compartment and those persons whom you dislike will be in another compartment.

Like this, you can segregate all your emotions.

Close your eyes. Visualize a white screen in front of you.

Think about the joyful period in the past. You have look in which part of the white screen – in which compartment, you have stored it. Feel the joy within yourself and identify the place it is stored.

Where is my present state of worry, anger, sadness or grief?

We found two compartments.

Both of them are in different places. Bring the worry compartment into joy compartment. You cannot bring it directly. Take a round-about route.

Now, automatically your worry will be transferred into joy.

There is a period of abundance of money and a period of lack. Sometime you had money and now you don’t have much.

Do it once. Bring the worry into joy compartment and not the other way around.

By this way, you can turn your enemy into friend.

Peace always



My husband lost job and not got one. Some days feel pity and some days I feel why I deserve this while all are happy and I have to suffer. We never indulge in anything negative, yet we suffer.

How I keep my mind every day in same status, neither sad nor very happy?


Write “WILLOW, PINE” in a notebook daily for about 51 times.



For the mental states – feeling pity (PINE) and why I deserve this, while others are happy – resentment (WILLOW), Bach flower remedies were suggested.

To keep mind balanced always the affirmation QUIET MIND was suggested.

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