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Without Worries You Can Quit Your Job

Case History

Kanchana had problems in her work place – a call centre. She consulted Naran.

He asked her to quit the job ASAP and to find a new job he suggested her to chant, “I AM SORRY. PLEASE FORGIVE ME. OPEN SAVE DIVINE DELIGHT COUNT NOW DONE”.

He added the switch words “Count Now Done” to the new I am sorry mantra as she is looking for a job.

She started chanting. On the same day, she came across a friend, who suggested an opportunity in a Data Center as a data entry operator.

She went for the interview and got the job, within 24 hours of quitting her job.

Interestingly after her interview was over, one of the person, who interviewed her, came running after her.

Asked her whether she is an engineer and on confirmation from her said, she could continue as long as she wants until she finds a new job.

In fact, he promised to give her some references for potential jobs in IT companies.

Help me control my negative thinking


I am a regular follower of your blogs.

I used animal spirit HORSE in office as I had no proper support from my senior.

I kept the HORSE as my desktop saver too – not one but three horses.

I daily request horse to help me control my negative thinking about others as I do not get proper support from the required seniors.

After 10 days, the person with whom I had problem called me and said sorry.

He also promised me that he would be supporting me from here afterwards and that we will help the company for better prospects.

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Confused about going back


After six years of divorce, he suddenly contacted me, and said sorry for his behaviour, and asking me to come back.

Four to five days back his mother got heart attack. She is in hospital now. She is recovering (I too prayed for her recovery).

Now I’m very much confused. I am feared to go back to him.

Please suggest solution – a remedy for me, to take a firm decision, which will be good for both of us and our families.


Take the flower remedies SCLERANTHUS, SWEETCHESTNUT and WALNUT each 3 pills, one after the other for three times a day.



To know what the divine wills: SWEET CHESTNUT

To break the old pattern: WALNUT

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There is nothing better than this




You can chant the ‘I am sorry’ mantra like a mad person internally, even while fighting with your spouse. 

There should always be compromises in life. After chanting we will get to know what we have to compromise.

Small compromises make big differences.

Whoever wants healing, wants to be a good person, wants peace in the family, have to do this continuously.

Always the present situation or the present condition is the perfect situation/condition (for healing). There is nothing better than that.

So we have to chant this mantra continuously.

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Today, I listened to your SPECIAL MANTRAS CD while travelling to office. I felt immense gratitude in heart while listening to the DIVINE VOICE (I mean it).

There were some SPECIAL changes happening within when I completely concentrated with closed eyes and listened to “VALLABAM GAJAANANAM EKADHANTHAM”

As I had expressed my worry during our session in Mumbai that my entire marriage story/receipts in a file given to the lawyers was lost in mid-March by them.

This shattered my faith in lawyers, who happens to be very good to me and my parents, yet politically smart.

To my surprise, my lawyer calls me today the moment I enter office, when I stop the Mantra CD midway.

He told me that another lawyer has brought the file as he had forgotten the file in his room which they had not SEARCHED. My file was all alone, unhampered, and safe.

I regained my faith in my lawyers and totally BELIEVE NOW that they will get me JUSTICE.

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Handling unresolved issues



Suppose we have an unfulfilled desire, like marriage, “I have to study this degree”, etc. That project or desire should be termed as a divine project.


Any issue has a self (living consciousness) and that self has lack of love. Therefore, the issue is unsolved or it is not happening. Thus, we have to give lot of love to that issue. We do that with the “I Am Sorry” mantra.

Expand the powers of the I am sorry mantra

How to make the mantra more powerful?

Take one issue. One is give love (which is always less) to the solution.

Another consideration or step we could take is by asking a question, “For this issue from where we could bring love and give it to the issue”.

Let us see that.

SUN gives unconditional love. So, bring in solar rays of love and compassion (from Sun) to this issue. Likewise, whatever rubbish we do, Mother Earth is always gives us unconditional love. So I can also fill up the issue with the unconditional love of Mother Earth.

Who else can give us unconditional love? Sun, Mother earth, Buddha, whoever you think is fit you can take the love from them and send it to the issue.

Now, chant the mantra like this, “I AM SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME LOVE THANKS DIVINE ___________ (issue)”.

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Don’t Upset Me! Be Nice!!



What you said is true… that inanimate objects also have some energies and feelings. I experienced it twice at least, which I observed.

My washing machine is huge, turbo sized, so I thought I can put heavy loads. One day, I over stuffed it knowing it is heavy load. It stopped in between giving process error. I tried moving things around still it said it is unbalanced.

So, I was talking to it, rubbing my hand and said “I am sorry. I overstuffed. I am giving you Reiki now. Please wash it this time. I will not give heavy load again”.

I turned it on again and it finished the full cycle without any problem 🙂

Recently being human, I forgot and overstuffed it again but it was not very heavy load. It did not run for more than 2 minutes. No matter what I did. I tried to drain it and spin so clothes do not get spoilt overnight. It did not work.

It was so adamant. It kept giving process error and did not budge. I told it “I am so sorry, it is my mistake. I will give you Reiki, and can you please just rinse and take out water… no need to wash also. Just drain the water, spin it and give to me, I will wash as two cycles again tomorrow. Can you do that for me?”

Then I turned it on again at rinse. It worked!! It drained and spin without any noise and issues.

I am now careful not make it upset 🙂 

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Learn to manage your fears



List out the fears

Think about your unnecessary fears and worries (over which you cannot do anything).

You list out all those fears.

Release them one by one.

Why fear should not be there?

Then fear will not allow you to love yourself.

How that fears can be removed?

You have to address one fear at a time and say:


Meaning of the Switch Word Fiber

“FIND DIVINE FIBRE” means regain the courage in me or regain the trust in me.

When you get fear chant this, “FIND DIVINE FIBER”.

Switch Word Fiber creates a movement, while fear will stop it.

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