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Postpone monthly cycle naturally


I am regularly visiting your site. All topics are so good and interesting. Thanks for the service rendered.

I have a general question about ladies problem. For some important family occasions we have to postpone the monthly cycle by taking tablets/injection.

 Please suggest remedies so that we can postpone it naturally without tablets/injection.




Very needful question for many ladies! Thank you Naran!!

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A rabbit photo can be hung in their bedroom.

Light a white candle.

Facing west direction, chant “TOGETHER DIVINE”

How many days should I do it?

A single day’s practice is not sufficient. It has to be practiced regularly.

Even though we do these things, we should have Divine Grace to get the desired results out of this exercise.

We are not sure when we will get such a Divine Grace, until then we need to keep practicing it.

Can this be done as atonement?

Yes it can be done. It depends on individual’s faith and belief system. Whatever we do we should have 100% faith and belief.

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