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Postpone monthly cycle naturally


I am regularly visiting your site. All topics are so good and interesting. Thanks for the service rendered.

I have a general question about ladies problem. For some important family occasions we have to postpone the monthly cycle by taking tablets/injection.

 Please suggest remedies so that we can postpone it naturally without tablets/injection.




Very needful question for many ladies! Thank you Naran!!

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Roles People Play


Quite often, we are required to play different roles with respect to the same person. In the process lot of misunderstandings occur due to perception at both ends.

At work, we have a subordinate who is also a friend. This friend does not play his role in the office as required.

In the role of a friend, you try to protect him in various ways besides telling him / her about the problems in a friendly manner.

However, if it is not adhered to, it may go the extreme end that you may even need to terminate him/her. It is a very difficult choice. You are torn between both the roles.

In the earlier days, we could take a very dharmic stand and take decisions.

However, now we are required to play a role negotiating happiness for various people in the name of Professionalism / Management etc and suffer.

At home, we have to act as a Parent, Friend, Teacher, friend to your kids.

Often a role is over played by each of the participant resulting in clashes and misunderstanding. Each forgets that they are over stepping on the other role due to inherent flair for one.

Thus, a parent who is generally has a strong Vasanas of a Teacher in making, preaches more and is not able to know when to cut off and act as a friend.

Please give your recommendation to solve the above by way of flower remedy.


Whatever the role we play, let us ask a simple question.

What is that we lack in any role?

Basically, every relationship is based on communication. How do we communicate? What do we communicate? What do we want to communicate?

The objective of any communication is to reach out to the other person.

BEECH is the remedy for improving our communication.

What are the negative mental states of Beech?

  • Unable to understand other man’s point of view
  • Unable to appreciate other man’s priorities
  • Intolerance
  • Fault-finding
  • Desire to control or change the other person

If one is in one of the above mental states, right communication will not take place. Here, how Beech can help us?

BEECH can bridge the gap between two persons and makes one understand other man’s point of view.

WALNUT should be taken along with Beech. Walnut can bring in change in the mind. A changed outlook and a changed view will give a different communication tool.

For you Mr. Reddy, in addition to taking BEECH and WALNUT, you take CENTAURY also, while communicating in the office.

“What would my friend think? Will he be hurt, if I say this?” These expressions belong to negative mental state of Centaury.


Wonderfully explained….your site is a healthy addiction.

I feel the need to read it like a holy book everyday…sorting out life’s many questions and seeking the right answer….

I follow so many remedies you advice, go through the topics so many times, sometimes apply my 2 cents worth as well….analyse life’s situation from a different angle….

I have changed so much in my mind and heart…..all because of being a part of this wonderful site and your guidance!!!!

Thank you ever so much…….Naran….THERE’s still so much to absorb from you……..regards……

Help for my children


I called WOLF on two occasions to help my children.

Our younger son had an exam yesterday. He had a thumb injury which was operated.

I was anxious regarding the pain and spasm he has been having while writing. He called to say he had no pain and has done well.

Our doctor son, who is trying for PG, had to take a lecture this morning for a class of medical students on one of the most difficult topics to understand in Anatomy.

He just called to say, his lecture was a hit! It was very well appreciated by the Professors, junior faculty and students!!

Thank you once again for helping me.

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Commenting on the post:

V. Rajalakshmi

Since, the topics of trees have come up. I want to tell about a certain event.

In my work place, we have a very old and large MALAI VEMBU (Neem) tree below which everyone sits and vehicles are parked.

Last week, the entire tree with its base fell down. It made a crackling noise for some minutes before it fell, giving something like a warning, so that everyone could move out.

Surprisingly there was no vehicle nearby. So everything was safe. All of us thanked the divine tree.


Very good! Keep thanking when you see the trees – any tree on your way.

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