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Death Ceremony Done Thanks to Divine

Case History

Ram was about to attend a wedding along with his wife. Naran gave him (Bach Flower remedy) SWEET CHESTNUT.

He was travelling by Train to Tirunelveli. The train was nearing Trichy.

He remembered his professor then, who was staying in a village close to Trichy. His professor, who has no children, sponsored Ram’s education as Ram couldn’t find money for his higher studies.

Ram then went to USA. Even though he wanted to return the money his professor vehemently refused to take the money.

Ram thought as there was some more time before attending the wedding he told his wife that they will pay a short visit to his teacher’s place.

When he reached his professor’s house, he found that he had died the day before.

As there was nobody to perform the funeral rites for the professor, Ram took over the ceremony and later attended the wedding too.


Divine in the form of SWEET CHESTNUT wanted Ram to do the funeral rites of his professor. 

Help to Manage Pregnancy

P Lakshmi

We lost our mother 5 years back. So my sister has no one to help her (SR) during her pregnancy. She resides in USA.

I want to help her. What can I chant to get visa?




Driving test first time


I am going to write the test for taking a Philadelphia (USA) license and a Driving test which I heard was very tough and I feel a little bit scared to drive.


Take the flower remedies MIMULUS and LARCH.


To have self- confidence: LARCH

Not to be scared: MIMULUS

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License to Fly High


My son did his engg in Chennai and did his pilot course in USA.

He is back in Chennai and finished his exam for converting his US license to Indian one and waiting to get the license in hand. Meantime, he got an offer from Cathay Pacific in July 2012.

He should have started training by Jan 2013. But they delayed the process by almost one year. This year June when he met them they assured that training will start in Jan 2014.

He called them last week and he was shocked to hear from them that they are not going to recruit now. It is very upsetting.

Can you please guide him? Hope he will be able to get a pilot job.




I have been chanting your mantra religiously and am glad to inform you that my son got his Indian Pilot license 4 days back.

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Coming out of Love Pangs



Raja and Rani were good friends and loved each other deeply.  They would meet each other every day and spend time together.  They decided to get married.

Suddenly one day Rani’s father brings a boy who has come from U.S.A. and fixes the marriage for Rani.  Rani respects her parent’s words and agrees for the wedding.  Since there was not much time, the marriage takes place and immediately she leaves for U.S.A. 

There was no communication from Rani.

Raja was shocked when he comes to know about the marriage.  He is dejected in life.  Loses interest in life, grows a beard. 

At this state, for pangs of love due to separation give the Bach Flower Remedy CHICORY. 

Raja will get over his separation and starts to lead his life.

The person who is highly possessive will be sentimental and so a love failure affects him a lot. They will say after their love failure they will not get married as they prefer to live in the memories of their beloved. They might get ready for marriage after taking CHICORY.

Why this person is unduly influenced by love? If you give them the Bach Flower Remedy WALNUT it will remove their sadness as Walnut is a great unwanted-link-breaker.

Raja was given Chicory and Walnut. And as expected he could come out of his love pangs.

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