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Postpone monthly cycle naturally


I am regularly visiting your site. All topics are so good and interesting. Thanks for the service rendered.

I have a general question about ladies problem. For some important family occasions we have to postpone the monthly cycle by taking tablets/injection.

 Please suggest remedies so that we can postpone it naturally without tablets/injection.




Very needful question for many ladies! Thank you Naran!!

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Dealing with fears


I have a fearful attitude to visit hospitals or to attend the patients in the hospital and panic to hear the news of death of near and dears.

Besides, I avoid traveling distant places either by train or bus. So, I feel guilty about myself for this. So, kindly suggest Bach flower remedy to heal from this type of psychosomatic state of mind.


Take the flower remedies “MIMULUS, ROCK ROSE”


Fear of visiting hospitals, death, new places: MIMULUS

Getting panic attacks: ROCK ROSE

Husband not showing any interest


I have visited 2-3 astrologers. I am very scared about their predictions as all of them told me that there are 100% chances of separation/divorce in my marriage within next few days/months.

My situation is actually worst. I am chanting TOGETHER DIVINE but not seeing any changes in my situation.

Now, after visiting astrologers I am very depressed as I just wanted to live my life happily without any such drastic changes.

Though my husband is not at all talking to me, not taking care and not at all showing any interest in me from day one of our marriage.

I still love him very much and wanted to live with him only.


Continue this.

There is one symbol number 47 to unite the broken relationship

Write your husband’s name and your name in the empty circle, and chant the switch words, “TOGETHER DIVINE”.

Be Happy and Energetic


Many thanks for all your help to me it has made a difference.

I am unable to overcome my sadness and crying.  I realize I have to accept the situation. I also need to be happy and joyful.

My husband is coming home on 13th for the time my sons visit. My son is coming home on 14th and a family holiday has been planned from 22nd to May 2nd.

I need to be able to handle the situation with a happy disposition and with energy. However, I am very tired all the time.

I wish we could be reconciled and a happy family with love and trust.  

I wish my son is happy-safe, free of addictions, and desire and will to study well. 

I am also starting a business. I wish the energy to carry it through and make it a success.

I am presently at Prashant for a two week of Yoga Ayurveda Therapy.  

I am looking forward to your advice.


Take the flower remedies CENTAURY, WALNUT, OLIVE, WILD ROSE and HORNBEAM to feel energetic and tonified.

In addition, do as per the instructions in “Becoming Happy is in Your Hands”:

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Great dharshan in temples


Want a great dharshan in temples … Try “CLEMATIS GORSE” Bach flower combo!

“Clematis Gorse” is an awesome Bach flower combination to have whenever one is visiting temples. This divine Bach flower combination helps in getting great dharshan.

By great dharshan, I mean both the view and the time aspects of the dharshan. Both will be to one’s satisfaction.

There are many ways to access the energy of Bach flowers:

  • Consuming pills is one way.
  • Chanting the Bach flower names is another way.
  • Even carrying their names written in a sheet of paper with you has proven sufficient.

I have used this divine Bach flower combination on many occasions to get a great dharshan of the deity in temples including Tirupati.

On all these occasions, I have accessed the Bach flower energy by chanting the names of these two flowers. I would chant “Clematis Gorse” some 30 minutes before the dharshan time or earlier.

Clematis Gorse combination would work miraculously. The help to get a great dharshan can come in many forms and from unexpected quarters.

  • Someone may push you to a corner, from where the view of the deity is great.
  • No one will push you to move forward or side wards; that way, you have ample time to view the deity
  • The priest may ask you to come forward and it would help you have a great view
  • The rush is not there
  • The priest is willing to do the puja peacefully (not in a hurried manner)
  • There are also instances of even temple doors being opened for dharshan after the doors are closed, thanks to divinity and Gorse Clematis combination.

I recently had an experience in a temple in Kumbakonam when the priest (or poojary or gurukkal) in the temple asked me to wait for a little longer to get the “deepam aarthi” instead of rushing to get out (I started moving since it was getting late for the train).

When we are free from our worries about getting a dharshan in a temple, we can enjoy the divine presence of godliness in temples fully!

Happy Worshipping!!!

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Get work done at government office


I need some remedy to get my birth documents corrected from the Municipal Office which I have been visiting for several months.

The birth certificate given does not have any name stated and I need my full name mentioned on it.

I also need my father and mother’s full name to be written on the certificate.



Write this in a paper and go to the office.


Have to put up with the delay: CENTAURY (can’t protest as you are in a weak position)

And so you feel resentment: WILLOW

Basic remedy combination to get any work done at Govt. office: ROCK WATER, WATER VIOLET

To do it immediately: NOW DONE

From the Bach Flower Remedy Workshop Manual

Pray that the flowers ROCK WATER and WATER VIOLET be active in the person’s energy field for next 6 hours or 8 hours.

Work will get done.

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A lifetime of seeking is over


Feedback on workshop held at Mumbai:


“When the student is ready the teacher comes”

Dear Naran,

This saying has been resonating in my mind since day one, when I wrote you the first mail seeking healing and you replied. Seeing you in person has just made it a happier occasion – TY TY TY.

If I had the time and opportunity to say it in person, I would tell you how I am feeling today – “Enveloped in a ball of bliss”.

I am so delighted that my smile is just refusing to go away. Though, all the participants have got your equal grace, I feel you have come to Mumbai only for me. Today, it felt all so easy. Finally, I got confidence that I can learn any healing modalities/techniques – so, multiple bonanzas for me.

The joy of meeting you in person, doing the workshop – it is ALL PERFECT.

Your presence is such that at end of day, the hotel waiter was asking me about you. Really, he is blessed for wanting to know.

 A lifetime of seeking is over! Deepest love!! Thanks Love Divine!!!

Varsha Patil 

A big thank to YOU Naran! And welcome back to Mumbai in this year-end. That was the most amazing and wonderful time. Really felt so blessed in your divine presence. A big thanks to Shobanaji, Haripriya, and all other participants who made this workshop happen.

Dear Participants, am opening a Facebook group for Mumbai Participants, as per request by many. As many of them wanted to be in touch with each other, for Success stories, and more future events in Mumbai. Will post here.

Kalpana Vasudevan Iyer

An unforgettable and much awaited day for me! Thank you Naran!! Thank you Varsha, Nagalakshmi and others for organizing this meet. It was so long on my wish list. Please organize another one soon!! Blessed to listen to NARAN and his simple explanations and suggestions!!!

Barathi Raghav

Yesterday workshop was excellent – Purnima

Usha Raghunathan

Well organized. Thanks to all. Did a good job. Workshop was excellent.

Dr. Rashmi Menon

I was fortunate to attend the first one. It was a lovely experience. Thank you! Thank you organizers!! May the love and light spread through you all over the Universe!!! And so it is!!!!


We were truly blessed! Love and Light always!!

Vrushali Vilas

We love you Naran…great to meet you and well organized beautiful experience.

Shilpa Deshmukh

Excellent is the word!!

Sumegha Shanbhag

Love you Naran and waiting for next workshop to happen soon…. love to meet all you friends!

Lupe Soto

Hi Naran, please remember your foreign students. Many of us would benefit from Skype or your wonderful audio recordings. Please let us know. This class would mean a lot to me. Thank you Naranji!

Irene D’Souza

Thank you Guruji for visiting Mumbai! It was wonderful sessions.

Deepa Prabhu

There was so much love in the room. By end of day two, people who were strangers and tense on day one morning were by end of day two relaxed smiling and sharing hugs!


Yes people were tensed on the first day. They expected a buttoned-up, taciturn Naran!!!

Do this, before you visit doctors



Before going to a physician

Ruby (Sun – red), Yellow Sapphire (Jupiter – blue) and Emerald (Mercury – green)

Before visiting a general physician

Ruby and Emerald

When you visit a child specialist

Yellow Sapphire and Pearl

Before going to a dentist

Blue Sapphire and the Bach Flower Remedy Mimulus (for fear)

If you want to use gems, pray to Saturn and go to dentist. He will do a quick job and a thorough job. Saturn is very important for teeth.

Alternatively, chant Blue Sapphire (Saturn is represented by it) or take pills of Blue Sapphire or chant Om Sanaicharaya Namaha (mantra for God Saturn) and (Bach Flower Remedy) Mimulus pills – for fear.

Before meeting an ENT specialist

Ruby and Emerald

Appointment with an eye doctor

Take Diamond pills, so you will be diagnosed properly.

Why?  When I have an eye problem, my indigo is less.

Surgery was suggested to you. You would like to have a successful surgery.

Ruby (Sun) and Coral (Mars)

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