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Money source unknown

Sushma Pandey 

I am very happy to come across your website on Bach Flower Remedies and Switch words.

I am independently using some of the switch words and they have really worked wonders for me.

Recently, I was in need of finance quite a large sum but I did not know from which source I will get them.

I just started to chant every now and then the switch words “COUNT DIVINE FIND NOW” and miraculously I got the required money within 2 days.

So, my big big thanks to you! I have no words to convey my gratitude.

Please continue to help people like us! I pray the almighty always grants you happiness and good health.

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Achieve Your Sales Targets

Sunil Ahuja

I am a Real Estate agent. I want to sell my hired residential Real Estate project within a targeted time period…

I have gone thru most of your website contents and very much impressed with it.


  2. Download a picture of CITRINE and EMERALD (gem stones) and keep it in your pocket.
  3. Take the Bach flower remedies SCLERANTHUS and IMPATIENS, 3 pills, 3 times a day.


For selling: GIVE is the switch word

To do it faster: HALFWAY

Increase in sales: CITRINE

Communicating well with clients: EMERALD

Reach the target within a targeted time: SCLERANTHUS and IMPATIENS (when you are impatient, the opposite persons will be those who are slow – so Scleranthus)

Decent job within 24 hours

Swami was jobless for nearly one year.

Even if he finds one, he couldn’t be happy there and neither the company was paying him full salary.

He picked the affirmation, “CRYSTAL GORSE WOLF REACH HELP DIVINE job COUNT NOW DONE” from the website and chanted it for few times.

Also, he wrote it in a piece of paper and kept it in his purse.

His friend referred him to a company, was interviewed next day and got the offer on the same day.

Free from Emotional Trauma


I recently broke up with my boyfriend. And, I have been feeling hurt terribly. I would like us to come back together.

Casually, I came across your website, have tried some of the mantras and even the forgiveness exercise.

I still wake up with a heavy feeling and with a lot of emotional pain. Please guide me in this difficult period.


  2. While going to bed, be in the SAFETY MUDRA posture (Thumb touching the tips of little and ring fingers on both the hands).

You will be free from emotional trauma.


For grief and hurt feelings because of broken love: (gem) IGNATIA

Come out of love pangs: CHICORY

Come out of shock and to recoup: STAR OF BETHLEHEM

The Safety Mudra otherwise called as Safe and Secure/Pran Mudra will keep you in peace.

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When troubles pass we forget the blessings



Dear Naran,

Today, I visited your website after many days and was pleasantly surprised to see the blog back. I looked at some of old mails to you and the way you have responded in my times of need.

It is amazing!! What all experiences and times you have been there with me!!! I have confided in you at times more than anybody else in the world. How much you have given me!!! I love you!!!

I am so deeply grateful for all love and support in the face of the perpetual troubles – big and small. 

Ever since I found your blog, my life has almost invisibly and gently improved for the better. I have had many miracles, many blessings, many glorious experiences and I am so grateful for every one of them until this point.

I look forward by your blessings, the blessings of all compassionate beings, enlightened beings and gods. When troubles pass, we forget the blessings. It’s an eternal human frailty.

So, when I feel a moment of pure gratitude, I want to thank you and not leave in unsaid…god bless you!!

I look forward again to read your blogs. I wish you happiness, health and love.

Do keep your love and blessings on me and my loved ones. LOVE THANKS PRAISE DIVINE

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