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12 Praise

When the child behaves badly and not listening to you, energize the symbol of PRAISE () so that the child behaves laudably, worthy of other’s love.

This word contains the energy of “THANKS” within.

Write the child’s name in the blank circle.

Chant the switch word PRAISE looking at the symbol.

Want to be loved and respected


I have separated from my husband but we are now friends with benefits now and it hurt me. What can I do? Shall I go on?

He says we can have a good relationship in the future but I am not sure. I think I am making things easier for him. I don’t know how to proceed. I admire him a lot!


What do you want?

Karinapach I want to be loved and respected


Give love and love and respect all

From ‘I Love Myself’ Workbook

I am Loved                                         

  • What will I do today towards (gaining) this aspect of my life?

I am Worthy of Love

  • Think about your positive qualities that you have used so far.
  • How will you use them today?

In addition, check the link, to know how to gain respect:

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