There are weekly meetings of different departments in my office, where I have to coordinate and write the minutes of each meeting. Then I circulate it to everyone.

Please suggest switch words/ remedies to write down the minutes accurately, properly and in the manner that pleases my boss.

I am stuck while writing them down.


While taking minutes, put the Bach Flower Remedies – ELM, OAK and HORNBEAM, in a bottle of water and sip it during the meeting.

If you tend to lose focus, additionally take separately CLEMATIS and CHESTNUT BUD.

Tendency to become impatient and not take notes legibly means you need IMPATIENS and CHERRY PLUM.

Recollect and retain by chanting the switch words “SLOW CARE”

To edit the minutes and reports:  (Bach Flower Remedy) BEECH

Get appreciation by chanting the switch words “TOGETHER BRING PRAISE DIVINE”

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